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Piping Cord 3mm

$0.25 (inc. 10 % GST)
3mm black pvc hollow soft piping cord sold by the metre or by the 1000 metre roll. 
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Piping Cord 4.5mm cotton

$0.48 (inc. 10 % GST)
Piping Cord 4.5mm thick sold by the metre or by the 300 metre roll. 
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Nylon Twine 250 Gram Roll

$27.00 (inc. 10 % GST)
Used in all aspects of upholstery including stitching of edges and buttons. Sold by 250 gram roll. 
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Hank Twine

$22.00 (inc. 10 % GST)
Hank Twine is used to sew in coil springs and bridals .Sold by the whole hank 5 ply jute of approxiamateley 56 peices measuring 2.1 metres in length 
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Lacing Twine

$0.45 (inc. 10 % GST)
Lacing Twine is used for lacing of coil springs. Sold by the metre or by the 140 metre Roll 
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Linen Thread

$24.00 (inc. 10 % GST)
Linen Thread is used for slip stitching on outer backs or outer arms etc. Sold by the 50 gram Roll. Available in Natural or Black 
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