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Cardboard For Backtacking

$2.00 (inc. 10 % GST)
This cardboard is used for backtacking.Using this cardboard creates a very neat edge.Cardboard size 13mm x 1020mm in length. Sold in lots of 10 pieces. 
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Brown Chair Glides

$0.45 (inc. 10 % GST)
3/4 inch brown chair glides used on the bottom of lounge chairs. 
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Elastic 6mm wide

$0.25 (inc. 10 % GST)
Elastic 6mm comes in White its main application is used in sewing. Sold by the metre 
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Elastic 20mm wide

$0.70 (inc. 10 % GST)
Elastic 20mm in width comes in White. Sold by the metre 
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Christmas Tree Clips

$0.45 (inc. 10 % GST)
Christmas Tree Clips have a 11mm diameter head and a 35mm shank used to hold facings on the front of arms etc 
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Tack Strip Velvet Edge

$1.00 (inc. 10 % GST)
Tack Strip Velvet Edge comes in 3 sizes 452, 605 and 680mm in length main application is for outer arms and out backs 
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